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Defending Your Rights Against Criminal Charges

Facing criminal charges is something that no one should ever do alone. Without the guidance of a skilled criminal defense attorney, you risk experiencing worse consequences than necessary in your case. Thankfully, you can get the representation you deserve.

At Roland B. Wilson III, Attorney Corp., we proudly offer the Muncie community the representation it deserves from a defense attorney. We know what is at stake in these cases, and we fight to help our clients get the most ideal outcomes possible in their cases.

How We Can Defend You

There are multiple methods of pursuing a preferable outcome in your case. As your legal representation, our first step is always taking the time to understand your unique needs in your case so that we can build a custom-tailored strategy to best represent you.

Once we know the vital information, we can pursue options, including:

  • Attacking the prosecution’s strategy in court
  • Pursuing a dismissal due to police error, insufficient evidence or other viable grounds
  • Negotiating for reduced charges or lesser sentencing

We never settle for “good enough” results when we believe we can do more to help you. Any conviction like drug or DUI charges can threaten your rights, future and freedom, and we want to stand by your side to defend them.

Build Your Defense With Us

We know what it takes to defend our Indiana clients from criminal charges. If you are facing charges of your own, make sure you choose a lawyer you can trust to take a stand for you. Call our office to schedule your initial consultation at 765-381-8362 or email us here. Put time on your side by contacting us today.