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The potential benefits of nesting

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2023 | Child Custody & Visitation, Divorce

Co-parenting can be difficult, especially when both parents aren’t on the same page. This can be a real problem where housing arrangements are concerned in Indiana. Custody disputes can arise when co-parents can’t agree on schedules.

That’s where nesting comes into the picture. Nesting is a custody arrangement that allows the children to remain in the same home while co-parents rotate their living arrangements. Here are three ways that nesting can be beneficial for successful co-parenting.

Improved communication

When children spend time in different homes, co-parents don’t need to communicate with each other on a regular basis. Unfortunately, lack of communication can have a negative impact on children of divorce.

Nesting helps to improve communication and collaboration because the co-parents share a living space. This type of arrangement encourages co-parents to communicate more effectively, which benefits the children.

Saves time and money

Paying for two separate households can get expensive. That’s especially true when considering the costs of providing children with clothing and other items for two separate houses. Nesting can help save time and money. Co-parents can save time by avoiding scheduling conflicts and the time spent transporting children from house to house.

Creates consistency

Consistency is important to children, especially in the midst of a divorce. Unfortunately, shuffling from house to house can undermine a child’s well-being. One of the benefits of nesting is that it creates consistency for children. With nesting, children remain in their own home. They continue going to the same schools and spending time with the same friends. They also have all of their own possessions. In addition to creating consistency, nesting also helps to reduce stress, which benefits a child’s emotional well-being.

Children need stability and support during a divorce. Nesting is a beneficial way to provide both.