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Common mistakes after an accident

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Car Accidents

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Indiana, you likely know what you should do to be as safe as possible. However, there are some mistakes that you want to avoid so as not to jeopardize any claims that might be filed or any injuries that you might have that you don’t know about.

Getting help

One of the common mistakes that many people make after car accidents is not calling the police or emergency personnel because they don’t think that they are injured or because they don’t want to get any legal authority involved. However, this mistake should be avoided as an officer can write a report of the incident that includes the drivers involved, the cars involved, and contact information for each driver. Emergency personnel can typically examine you on the scene to determine if you should go to a hospital for further treatment.


Another mistake that you want to avoid after an accident is not taking pictures of the scene. The pictures you take can include important information that can be used if a claim is filed, such as tag numbers on the cars involved, where the cars were positioned after the accident, and who was on the scene at the time. Pictures can also help depict the extent of the damage to each vehicle so that you can receive proper compensation for repairs.

Although there could be bystanders who contact other people for help or who take down information about what happened, some common mistakes are often made after an accident that could hinder an investigation.