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The odds of a car crash

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2023 | Car Accidents

Car accidents could leave the victims with permanent disabilities or worse. Even minor injuries from accidents in Indiana can be painful and expensive to treat and manage. Avoiding accidents might be a defensive driver’s top priority but even the most careful driver might be injured in an accident.

Car accident chances

Studies suggest the average driver may become involved in three to four collisions in their lifetime. However, the chances of experiencing a car accident vary based on numerous factors. The riskier a driver’s behavior is, the greater the chances of an accident. Drivers who speed engage in the number one cause of fatal collisions, so driving at a safe speed appears advisable.

The weather contributes to crashes, and speeding or other reckless behaviors during inclement weather might increase the odds of a collision. Aggressive driving presents dangers under all conditions, but some choose to tailgate or cut other drivers off out of anger or impatience. Such actions may be deadly.

Causing accidents

Drivers can make regrettable mistakes that lead to accidents. Not seeing a stop sign or making a turn that results in going the wrong way on a one-way street are two ways to cause car accidents. Drivers must avoid these and other errors since one mistake could cost someone their life.

Other bad habits could lead to a collision, including fatigued and distracted drivers. Tired drivers might think they can operate a vehicle safely, but fatigue undermines their reactions and perceptions. Distracted driving, which includes texting and driving, causes many collisions, some of them deadly.

Even the most careful driver runs the risk of getting into an accident. However, avoiding hazardous behaviors behind the wheel may reduce the chances.