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Divorce may create a sense of loss

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2022 | Divorce

You’ll typically experience a variety of positive and negative emotions before, during and after a divorce. For many, the end of a marriage elicits a profound sense of loss even if the relationship was terminated in a relatively amicable fashion. In addition to losing a partner, you may also be faced with the loss of your Indiana home or other benefits of being in a loving marriage.

You may lose your sense of self

It can be jarring to go from owning a home to renting a room in a home. You may also feel as if you have let yourself down by allowing your marriage to fail, and this may be true whether or not you initiated the divorce. It may also be difficult knowing that you will only be able to see your children on a limited basis after spending many years being a devoted parent.

You may lose friends and family

Your friends may decide that you are too toxic to hang around with after your marriage comes to an end. Your spouse’s family may also decide that they need to cut contact with you after the divorce is finalized. In some cases, you may lose relationships with people who you were close to for years or decades.

Divorce may cause a financial loss

Leaving your spouse may mean that you’re fully responsible for paying the rent, the car note and your own medical bills. Even if your expenses don’t go up after a divorce, you may still experience a loss of income that may require a change in lifestyle. For instance, you may have to sell your luxury car in favor of a subcompact or skip your annual vacation in an effort to save money.

While a divorce may come with a variety of negative consequences, it may also be worthwhile in the long run. In a divorce settlement, you may receive a share of marital assets such as a home, bank account or retirement account. You may also be entitled to child support and other resources from your spouse.